Chikara o Nuku



During the classes on friday and sunday  (23/25 -11- 2012) Sôke was pointing out the aspect of working with the fingers, reminding us that this part was one of the themes of 2012, In every moment highlighted that techniques must be done without strength. In a form of joking, reminded us that 15 dan are getting old and we’re going to loose physical strength, but that wasn’t his intention to tell us, but that it came by divine inspiration.

Sôke has been taken different Uke ans showing us that force is really unnessesary. Relaxing the muscles (Chikara o Nuku 力を抜く) and executing the techniques withouth forcem is made by a contraction and then relaxation. This is known as Chikara o Ireru & Chikara o nuku 力を入れる, 力を抜く. Chikara o Ireru is contracting, using the muscular force.

Moving the muscle requires strength and intention, and in the case of martial arts tecniques, this  can be perceived by the adversary. Managing to relax and not showing intention, is something vital in the path of the martial artist.

The idea of being able to use a sword without force (Katana o Nuku 刀を抜く) since yesteryear was one of the targets that masters wanted to achieve. Kokoro o Nuku 心を抜く, not forcing the mind nor the heart, is a key point to the Mushin 無心. Leaving the mind without intention, without the intelect and racionalization ruling us, can allow receiving the Shinden 心伝 from the master.

The techniques without force, mind without effort, was the escense to achieve the Shinden, highlighted Soke in one of his clases. Showing techniques without strength, Sôke achieves the misterious power of colapsing bodies and minds of his attackers. Without intention, adapting to each person in their different attacksm controls without expectation, even leaving the sword unsheathe and cut without harshness. This is a clear example of Katana o Nuku.

The connection (Tsunageru 繋げる) was highlighted on this past classes, not just from Tori and Uke, but also in “everything”, Soke said “everything is connected”.

Confusedly, we’ve tried to understand the wise words of Sôke, among them that the techniques must not depend from time and velocity. This two aspects don’t pertain to tecniques. Yukkuri…taking your time, going slowly. Sôke always highlights it, “Yukkuri” and gives us examples like music and spaces within each note.

In the interpretation of some of the things that Sôke was saying, I feel that time could be an illusion.  That is, past time (Kako 過去), the future ( Mirai 未来), coexist in the very instant of present ( Genzai 現在) of technique. Budo has no time, but happens in several dimensions at the same time.

Nuite Kudasai !! relax please….. let us enjoy life and Budo a little more.

Christian Petroccello


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