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Shinden Gokui


For the learning process of this secret, there is an initiation ceremony through the sixth sense, allowing the student to learn this strange technique. The student, dressed in white clothes, sitting motionless in an open room. The Master, like a shadow, without making any noise, attacks the student with a sword, as a floating boat. If the student dodges the sword, he got the secret, but if not, then that was it. There is a similarity between this and the artist who destroys his new work if he didn`t like it.

One day I was sitting in my master’s room when he told me: “wait here with your eyes closed, and do not open them, no matter what happens”, I relaxed and felt him leave the room. Suddenly, I made a side roll after I felt certain presence and I saw a shadow as if my body was splitted in half. Then I made a forward ukemi, after I felt that my head flew away. When I returned to Shizen Fudoza, I opened my eyes when I heard his voice said: “well done; you may open your eyes”. Then I say Takamatsu Sensei standing with a sword on his right hand. Being incredibly steady, I realized that this was the spiritual technique through the sixth sense. Then I received the sword of my master. Later on I was told that this was “Juji Giri Mumei no Itto”.


 A year before Takamatsu Sensei died, he told me, “I let the Martial Arts in your hands.” Nine years since he died, and I’ve been training hard, and lately, I can say that this is the true Budo. By the way, in the test for Godan in the Bujinkan Dojo, I attack with determination from behind the student who is sitting, with his eyes closed. If he dodges, he passes. This is the beginning. Not only dodge an attack from behind. Sometimes you have to know  the other side of the world. In human relations, the person you trust could betray you someday. Even then, you can realize the value of peace with this training. It is just a deception to cultivate only the sense , that will allow you to dodge an attack from behind. This kind of mentality creates a distance between you and the truth of life, and ruins it. That kind of mentality is the cancer to correct the growing. In this sense Juji Giri Mumei no Itto, is the operation to remove the cancer in the early stages. It can also be taken as one should stop teaching the person should not be taught.

 When you teach many students, some kind of sense is important. Buddha taught ten followers, but one failed.

One of the 12 apostles of Christ, was a rebel.

Even a relationship between the Master and student, has a flaw. The relation between teachers and students, in a modern school system is bad. In these situations, the most important principle endures: Learn the mind of true Martial Arts.

When you pass the test for Godan, the way of training will necessarily change. Changes to a invisible training; incomprehensible training. I teach students who have been training for over 20 years, but only cordially. It could be the instruction  of incomprehensibly strange techniques for them. They understand it, but they can`t do it. Apparently they may understand, but really don`t understand. Thus, the strange techniques start breathing . It’s ACCEPTABLE for me, if they don`t understand, because I am teaching incomprehensible techniques. If they understood, they would be Superman. They will improve, because they do not understand.


One day, one of my more graduated students, came up to me and said: “I heard out there, that there`s  a technique that allows us to throw the opponent without touching. – “I decided to try and teach this,  avoinding my students from getting hurt. I, along with the student and four other students, went to a place that had a video camera. Nine eyes are staring. “Forward” “Yes sir.” One passes to the other. My student, flew over me and fell. A few minutes later, he got up with blood coming out of his mouth. “Understand?” “No sir.” The “rest of you understand?” “No Sensei, but we believe that we will, when we see the video.” “You won´t understand,” I told them. We watched the video, but none of the students could capture the moment in his eyes. This is a Martial Art. It is impossible to learn the stranges techniques taking photos and writing. Another way of looking at this is that if you show your techniques in a makimono and it is stolen, doesn´t matter. This is the essence of Martial Art. Take pictures or write, is useless. No other way to study under the teaching of a Master and do what he says.

In the opportunity of publish this book, I present for your information, the book that Takamatsu Sensei had taught me. As a rule of this Ryu, it is forbiten to write down. Because if you write, the depth of its essence ends. The Martial Arts will be the secret without limitations. That is, to write this book, it is against my will. Even if I write the explanation for a future study, nobody truly learn. As Takamatsu Sensei said, “learn through hard training.”

A year before his dead, Takamatsu Sensei told me: “now you are a good Martial Artist. I have been rewarded the favors of my Masters”

I was half in doubt. I thought you could master the essence of a martial art, a few years after being taught. Since Master died, I’ve been wondering for nine years, and now I decided to publish this book. One day, I talked to a driver who lived in the U.S., that the expression of the Martial Arts, through writing, was like a sheet with musical staves. Martial Art has grown from unlimited space of zero, which was kept on paper. Even if the computer was developed to store all the information, I couldn´t figure zero. Even if it did, they could not put pressure on foreign techniques of zero without reaching the stage of constant power of Martial Arts. The Martial Artist’s dream is to live there.

Soke Masaaki Hatsumi


Book Hiden Togakure Ryu Ninpo


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Chikara o Nuku



During the classes on friday and sunday  (23/25 -11- 2012) Sôke was pointing out the aspect of working with the fingers, reminding us that this part was one of the themes of 2012, In every moment highlighted that techniques must be done without strength. In a form of joking, reminded us that 15 dan are getting old and we’re going to loose physical strength, but that wasn’t his intention to tell us, but that it came by divine inspiration.

Sôke has been taken different Uke ans showing us that force is really unnessesary. Relaxing the muscles (Chikara o Nuku 力を抜く) and executing the techniques withouth forcem is made by a contraction and then relaxation. This is known as Chikara o Ireru & Chikara o nuku 力を入れる, 力を抜く. Chikara o Ireru is contracting, using the muscular force.

Moving the muscle requires strength and intention, and in the case of martial arts tecniques, this  can be perceived by the adversary. Managing to relax and not showing intention, is something vital in the path of the martial artist.

The idea of being able to use a sword without force (Katana o Nuku 刀を抜く) since yesteryear was one of the targets that masters wanted to achieve. Kokoro o Nuku 心を抜く, not forcing the mind nor the heart, is a key point to the Mushin 無心. Leaving the mind without intention, without the intelect and racionalization ruling us, can allow receiving the Shinden 心伝 from the master.

The techniques without force, mind without effort, was the escense to achieve the Shinden, highlighted Soke in one of his clases. Showing techniques without strength, Sôke achieves the misterious power of colapsing bodies and minds of his attackers. Without intention, adapting to each person in their different attacksm controls without expectation, even leaving the sword unsheathe and cut without harshness. This is a clear example of Katana o Nuku.

The connection (Tsunageru 繋げる) was highlighted on this past classes, not just from Tori and Uke, but also in “everything”, Soke said “everything is connected”.

Confusedly, we’ve tried to understand the wise words of Sôke, among them that the techniques must not depend from time and velocity. This two aspects don’t pertain to tecniques. Yukkuri…taking your time, going slowly. Sôke always highlights it, “Yukkuri” and gives us examples like music and spaces within each note.

In the interpretation of some of the things that Sôke was saying, I feel that time could be an illusion.  That is, past time (Kako 過去), the future ( Mirai 未来), coexist in the very instant of present ( Genzai 現在) of technique. Budo has no time, but happens in several dimensions at the same time.

Nuite Kudasai !! relax please….. let us enjoy life and Budo a little more.

Christian Petroccello

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Mangetsu 満月


3 Years agoSôke Hatsumi Masaaki sent me a beautiful painting that says: “Mature Fruit, Full Moon”

From time to time, I read the letters again and I behold Soke’s paintings. My feeling is that time shows in out path, if the maturation is at it’s right moment to taste the present at it’s maximum. Just like the moon comes only in a day at it’s full figure, likewise the fruit gets eaten when it has the right time of maturation. You can eat lots of fruits, but only when one it’s on it’s right time of maturity, is when the most tastefull it is. You can look at the moon all the month, but the day that it is full is when it’s beauty is at it’s maximum flow.

Running  after the effort ot others, o trying to live the experiences of others, is a futile race. Many want to fly and yet have not learned to walk. Running after the foreign effort might keep them away from the own escense. Playing with the children of others does not make you a father unless you gave birth your own children, nor wanting the students of other teachers make you a good master.

Looking always the light of the moon, may not let you see where you’re standing. Having gluttony for the fruits, might no let you appreciate the light of the moon. The moon and the fruit are connected as Budo and Life.

Sôke once shared a precious teaching during the Alicante Taikai: “Forget the meaning of why you practice, don’t think about it. Though the martial arts have a sole purpose and is at the end of the life to find truth, finding God. Only at the end of life, in the last instant, will happen everything you’ve done, what you’ve lived”.


Bufu Ikkan

Christian P.

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