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Shihan Noguchi Yukio

Año 2003

Interview to Shihan Noguchi Yukio

Shihan Noguchi Yukio is well known in the Bujinkan, by his classes in Noda City and for being always very close to Masaaki Hatsumi Soke, not only in Japan, but in many Taikai that have taken place all around the world.

His way of moving doesn’t stop to amaze, no matter whoever sees him for the first time, as much as those who have been training with him for years.

The classes developed by Shihan Noguchi Sensei are dynamic and with happiness, and although his movements are fast, precise and sutile for the human eye, the power behind his techniques leave a mark on the body that lasts for days.

While he is moving, it seems that he’s dancing at the same time as the attack, sometimes he’s movements are so absorving that can take us from our own balance without even touching us.

From every waza he shows, and infinite amount of Henka are quickly expanded on infinite changes. There’s no time to analize, no time to reflect, his classes are as the wind of Bufu that wraps us and takes us from one side to the other without thinking. Everyone gets out smiling, the happiness is captured in his trainings.

In this opportunity, a breath after class gave us place to interview him for the Tenchiwado (Antique publication of the Bujinkan Tenryu Dojo & Christian Petroccello).

Noguchi Sensei ¿How did you began in the martial arts?

I began when I was 30 years. Now I’m 61. I’ve been training for 31 years, and never did any other art but this one.

¿How did you meet Hatsumi Sensei?

I knew him before training. I met him once when I went to meet him because I hurt my ankle. I went there for him to cure me, because that’s what he was dedicated to at the time. There we became friends

However, when I started training with him, I stopped being his friend, to became his student.

¿What other activities did you do beside Martial Arts?

I’ve practiced several sports such as Volley, Beisbol, Bowling, Ping Pong, etc..

At bowling I was quite good. I always did over 200 points!

¿How do you see the growth of the Bujinkan in the world?

The Bujinkan is growing naturally, without propaganda.

All over the world, people have been gathering by themselves. Good people, that make good things.

¿Do you feel identified by any ryuha in particular?

I have no preferences. All are equal to me. Besides, I don’t understand all of the schools.

¿What did you feel the first time you took the Sakki Test?

I felt very nervous, but it was something I made gladly.

¿What advice would you give to the instructors?

When they come to Japan to train as much as they can, to then bring those teachings to their countries. Once there, teach freely.

¿How do you apply Budo in your life?

No difference. I live in complete fullness.

¿Respect this year’s theme called Koteki Ryuda Juppo Sessho, what can you tell us?

It’s something that it’s practiced from every directions. As people, that come from every part of the world, every direction. They come from Switzerland, England,Spain, Argentina, etc. The base I think is to work from those directions.

Ko teki Ryu da, gives me the idea of something candent, that expands or that comes from every directions.

As sensei explains more about this matter, the more I will be able to talk about it.

¿How was the training when you started in the Bujinkan?

It was different. Sensei tought old school, but now he doesn’t. He’s smoother now.

¿Where you able to meet Takamatsu Sensei?

No. I only met his wife.

¿What did you feel when Sensei talked and showed the teachings of Takamatsu Sensei?



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