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The dragon with the burned tail


There is a Japanes proverb that says 猿も木から落ちる Saru mo ki kara ochiru. Which means “Even the monkeys also fall from the tree”

I like to sometimes change it for 龍も空気から落ちる Ryu mo kuki kara ochiru, “Even the dragons fall from air”

The nature of the dragon is to fly in an oscillating and changing wat throughout the air and throw fire on ocasions. The fire is one of it’s weapons, to drive off the bad spirits, protecting the weak from evil and powerful.

It’s fire may sometimes be it’s words and techniques, trying to take care and teach, even though sometime by fear of human conscience, ends up being misinterpreted.

There are no dragons of water , earth, sky, fire, clouds, struggle, etc… those are simply variants of the endless manifestations that an honorable White Dragon may have during certain state of divine awareness, giving life to thousand of dragons all around the world.

The features are individual, but the manifestations are changing according to lifes. Infinite changes of conscience ar the result of millions of manifestations of human conscience, but it all ends in a position of the escential point of life (Kaname no Shisei).

Those dragons filled with hunger tend to burn the tail of other dragons, to delay their flights and take advantage onto their roads, who have been confused with the role to protect, by the role of colonizing in a state of competition.

A dragon with the burned tail, just comes around to check itself on how  bad it’s body is, but knows that it can auto-regenerate itself instantly in the sinergic force of it’s flight, on the giving and protecting. A Dragon comes from the sky, it’s escential nature doesn’t belong to earth, however takes care and plays with people.

If today you feel that your tail has been burned, just continue your path, in the direction of giving and protecting, not just those who believe, come and follow their flights in action, but also to those who even asleep ignore the force of the dragons.


Komyo no satori wo sagashite “Seeking within the light of hope”

Tenryu, fall of 2012 in Buenos Aires.



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