Regarding the Ranks

Regarding the Bujinkan Ranks

By Sôke Masaaki Hatsumi.


必問 武神 伝


There are off course, levels, ranks and casts everywhere.

I believe this cast of zones is important for human existance in earth.

I feel this things are necessary for those who adapt. The creation of a territory is also what adapts on each individual. I believe  that is not something that produces an impediment, but also what is free. This is some matter to understand on each position. Those who not have this strenght and aim to high, will certainly fail.

On my 5th Dan test, there’s an attack from behind. This is the beginning of the Kihon Happo. Please this means that you must understand the Happo and the Juppo. This is what is called Juppo Sessho no jutsu. You don’t know where an opponent may come. You don’t know what kind of dissaster will come and from where.

You must be able to deal with things  when they come from certain way, and it’s not just a question of protecting from a blow from behind – Please know about Juppo Sessho no jutsu and Kihon Happo. The ways in that Kihon Happo can be applied on this kinds of situations, are the tipe of things that are though on 5th dan. The test isn’t about just try to avoid an attack from behind.

Three people are bound to propose someone for the 10th dan. This in a sence, is Sanshin No Kata. This is the meaning of Sanshin no Kata that I’ve mentioned before. A person cannot become a 10dan without 3 people as sponsors.

There are individual differences on people, that’s why there are ranks until the 15th dan -This isn’t a question of ryuha-

I’ve created the ranks of 15dan, off course, with the meaning that people can take notice that they are in fact human beings. You could say that is to leave the abode.


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