Ichi Go Ichi E

Acerca de Ichigo Ichie

By Sôke Masaaki Hatsumi.

必問 武神 伝


 The ichigo ichie 一期一会(one moment, one encounter) is also a kind of Satori 悟り( enlightenment). I believe that a kind of  Satori is alright. But not so much enlightenment. There are those who want to be very enlightened. I believe that pherhaps the excesive quest for enlightenment, is inmature or a sign of illness.

When you come to a certain age, I don’t think that is neccesary to really pursue enlightenment. I call this kind of people “pacients with enlightment desease”. Are the ones who search too much for enlightment, those who try to grab on to this. However there’s also the matter of what kind of things are the “enlightment – Satori”.

 It is mentioned as things that fly, this and that, but what it’s called enlightenment is Ichi Go Ichi E. It’s not A-UM (mantra sound), It’s an event, of course, an image.

I believe that what refers as the place of sutil and deep memories. All and every moment, to express in a Japanese kind of way, it all reduces to the world of Zeami (founder of the Noh theatre), becomes in Yoroboshi or Yamanba (old mountain) (plays of Zeami of the Noh Theatre).

But the determination of Ichi go Ichi E is important. I beleive that pherhaps is good that exists a phrase as Ichi go Ichie E

Because life is a collection of moments. When I find myself with military men who talk of have made this kind of experiences, they talk about the real feeling of Ichigo ichie.



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