Taikai Madrid


2 Weeks Ago I came back from Spain, where we hold a seminar with Pedro Zapatero (Spain), Miguel Sanz (Spain) and Nestor Iscovi (Argentina)

With Nestor we have shared many seminars together, and we know eachother for more than 24 years, but it is the first time we hold a Seminar with Miguel and Pedro, which was very open to this experience.

I began the Taikai as a strategy in a state of observation, trying to perceive that what we could contribute to the more than 100 attendants. Then I was changing my strategy from observation to learn from my 3 partners. I have to recognize, I felt delighted with their Taijutsu and their personality each one of them represented.

It might sound selfish, but though they invited us to give a course in their country, It almost felt like I went there to learn from my partners, from the students, friends and Spanish culture. When I had to show and explain something, it was almost unnecessary to add something from what Nestor, Migue and Pedro had added from their Taijutsu and way to explain the teachings of the Bujinkan. Same way happened while observing the high level of the students. Everyone kept surprising me.


The second day, in which everyone was more relaxed and didn’t had so much expectations, everything began to reveal itself more clearly, all of us where there to share and learn. Maybe the 4 of us where the ones leading the orchestra, but all of the practitioners as musicians and their instruments (mind, body and heart) were giving a beautiful symphony called Taijutsu.

What does Taikai mean? It was one of the questions we had when the 3 day Taikai was over. Mi answer was; “That one feels and beleives what is a Taikai, That is a Taikai. And the set of all the feelings among the participants, it’s what becomes a TAIKAI (Special Meeting)”



I’d like to thank with words the welcome as hosts of the Spanish when we got into their land. Miguel and his  students, Pedro, his wife and his students, everyone had gestures of friendship and companionship that I hope I never let down.

The visit of Shihan Antonio Piqueras and Agustin from France, added more energy into the friendship of my heart while being able to share with them a moment of encounter, food, talking, smiling. Thank you so much for your valuable visit.

As I refered publicly in the Taikai, my deepest gratitud to Pedro Fleitas,  thanks to his contribution and good intentions have allowed that this encounter would be able to take place. A clear example of the courage and the free growing of his personal students and every practitioner of the Bujinkan.

Thanks to every practitioner for being a part of this entertaining experiment of encounter, many thanks to everyone who contributed  their time and sweat on the planning of this event, and with that contribute to the bonds of friendship and training among the Buyu.

See you soon, mata aimasho



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