Growing by yourself

There is a phrase Soke says several times “Jiyu ni atarimae ni Jibun de Narai, Jibun de ikiro” which means “Freely and simply, learn by yourself, live by yourself”.

The drawing at the end of a phrase it’s a turnip (Daikon) on which the translation can referr as “becoming something big”. The Daikon is used a lot. For example you can write Ninpo and below draw a Daikon, gives reference to become big within Ninpo.

On this case, to learn by yourself may transform you into something big, as also can make you a turnip. In Argentina, to say that you’re a Turnip, means you are an idiot. In Spain, a Turnip can mean chicken.

One way or the other, to learn by yourself can make you become a great spirit (Daikon 大 魂 )  being aware of the great present (Dai kon 大今)

In this painting that I made for one of my discipples, I capture the sense that with his training on simplicity and liberty, he’s learning day by day for himself, to become a great Bugeisha with great success (Dai Koo 大 功)

In every moment, we are learning for ourselves, learning from the example of others, of their teaching, their triumphs, and sufferings. Same way for ourselves we learn from our victories and defeats. The important thing is to move on learning and achieving a hospitable, caring and social spirit upon infinite changes, on which we can call Dai Kon (大懇)

One way or the other you must try !!!



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