A couple of weeks ago, I received a letter from Sôke. It begins by saying Ku katsu Kyu, Uma. 久活久   馬, which means “To live a long life, horse”.

Sensei enjoys his Ponies a lot, and in the same letter figures a picture of his 3 ponies next to Sôke and his wife.

Sensei writes the Kanji 活 katsu, which means life, to live, and it’s also used in martial arts as “technique used to reanimate”.

By reading this, I bring myself to the feeling that the present is a moment of constant reviving, of rebirth, and that without going to far, we live  because of the forefathers. Sôke uses the Kanji 久 Ku, which can also mean long time, ancient history. Without a doubt, the ancient history of knowledge and teachings of the Bujinkan traditions, allows us to live our presents in a very particular and concious way. We know that we are in fact heirs of the past, but we don’t know what we can do with it in the future, so we have no other option that to enjoy the present.

Maybe the Ponies have a connection to the past, given that more than any other kind of horse, Ponies are a living remembrance of the youth of our planet. Neglected by the caregivers who wouldn’t bother to improve them, they keep the aspect of their ancestors, which lived free in a wild nature.

Sôke ends by saying “I’m glad you are alright. As the present indicates it, this year I’m enjoying this theme. The most important thing, is to do the things you like the most”.

My daily activities: Yoga, Martial Arts and Natural Therapies, wich are roads for self balance. That is why I’m always looking for a way of a good health, both in physical aspects as in mental and emotional. The teachings of oriental masters, have a load of wisdom that may help us to live on frantic times like these, in which society has lost (for the most part), it’s own nature. I don’t know if I’ve found my nature. but I keep rehearsing and experiencing the encounter of simplicity, and this is what I’m referring by sharing this message.

Sôke more than once has highlighted that health is weak, and we must take care of it. Surely at is 80 years of age, and the load of wisdom of the heritage that carries within his soul, are the knowledges that he shares with us to improve our lives. Little details like smileing, not over thinking, walking directly, eat healthy, sincerity, change and adaptability, training and flowing, living relaxed, and being spontaneous, are some of the hundred of things Sôke teachs.-

Finding our own nature, is an escential part, and being able to share it without destroing it, is a great challenge that we live in the present. The nature that we have, is also de heritage that we have received, and to take care of what has been given to us, is escential for humanity.

If you look back to the Kanji just bellow the photograph, you’ll be able to see that the ideogram of horse has a long tail, and he rest of the ideograms grab on to it, as if it meant that to hold on to the tail of a horse of wisdom, could allow us to live a long life.

Today I feel that I travel around the world sharing and learning from Budo, beacuse of the fact that with confidence I follow the teachings of Sôke. Maybe I’m just a bug that has grabbed tight to a Thoroughbred horse.

I follow his teachings passionately, more than a thousand times without understanding, but positively feeling with happiness, because those are part of the beautiful mistery of life.

My long life wishes to Sôke, and also to the teaches of the Bujinkan to the hearts of it’s followers.



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