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El Salvador


Yesterday i came back from El Salvador, where I spent almost a week sharing great moments with students and teachers from Center América and México. The organization by Romel Hernandez and some of his students has been with heart and sweat, a beautiful example of the latin blood in their effort for the Bujinkan Teachings live with passion and love.

The presence of Shihan Eduardo Hernandez (México) and Shidoshi Luis Bernal (El Salvador) with students from several countries from center américa, have made a seminar filled with martial friends with a spirit of joy and passion.


FOTO: Next to Eduardo, Romel and Luis, gentlemen of the Bujinkan.

I feel fortunate of being able to share the valious teachings of the Bujinkan. Feel happy of being able to make so many buyu around the glove, know their countries, their customs and culture, discovering that we have so many things in common. I try to not look at the differences, but always look at the things that join us and makes us stronger. We all have so many things in common under the divine eyes; similar and complementary things that can elevate us in human configuration.

El Salvador was in civil war for about 12 years (between 1980 and 1992) which marked a fighting spirit in many of their habitants. Survival is reflected in the eyes of many if their habitants, both in low economic class and those who have achieved a high patrimony (economic, politic and social). To everyone who has been participant of struggle, pain and death, the seal of war has been attached. The number of victims has been calculated on 75.000 to 100.000 dead and dissapeard, but the ake on the heart of an center american people, is uncalculable.

Many things can heal the heart of people, and I belive that love and the teachings of the Bujinkan Dojo tought by the right people, can be medicine of the soul. Just like how the lotus flower borns from mud and grows into an unexplicable beauty, so can the Bujinkan contribute luminous treasures, to calm suffering in many people (I think).

Seeing foreign and own nature is a quality called Kenshō (literally seing nature) Kenshō is not a permanent state of enlightening  (satori 悟り), but really a punctual sight of the true nature of the existence of own knowledge  (Kenshō 見性). That same self knowledge is what allows us to live healthy (Kenshō 健勝).

It has been said that the  Godan 五段 is a state that is reached with the Sakki test, but we all know that that instinct of survivorship and extra sensorial experience evaporates quickly if we stop training. Same way if we talk about Satori, as something distant only reachable to Budas, but let me tell you that enlightment is also a fleeting state that borns  when you stop thinking and you live the present with happiness, but evaporates quickly when the chain of thoughts activate and the emotions of competitiveness, jealousy and hate, among other negative thoughts , rule our heart.

I ‘ve found hundreds of people around the world in a state of Satori, and they have made my heart also shine for their valious presence. Obviously, Sôke has always been a being that seems to live in a constant state of “not thinking” and filled with happiness. Surely because of that, we all want to be near of his luminous presence and receive his charismatic teachings.

These days in El Salvador, I’ve found that the Satori shined within the smiles of many students, and that that fugacious instant will most surely  have repercussions in the prosper future of the Center America Bujinkan. The “dream world” that there was there was accompanied with the presence of Sôke, misteriously every night I had the asistance of Soke on my sleep. So every morning I woke up with an enormous energy of wantint to share the Bufu to my hosts and Buyu.

Thank you Romel, for your huge effort of wanting to get the Bujinkan to the students of your country and center America. Keep practicing with enthusiasm and happiness. Gambatte Kudasai !




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