Hinko Hosei

On the last week of april in Japan, Soke was asking me to show a couple of techniques, so he would start working on them as I’ve shown. It’s quite common that Soke asks some of the present instructors to share techniques. It happens many times that our techniques in front of Soke seem not to come out well, and that our moves are very clumsy, But the wonderful thing is how Soke will transform our techniques into wonderful art forms.

The body intelligence and enlightened spirit of Soke allows him to preform the alchemy of Budo among anything.

During april, Soke gave emphasys that the theme of the year was also iai jutsu from Shinden Fudo Ryu, so by showing Taijutsu techniques of sword many clases were given.

A striking teaching from Soke was that he more than one time emphasized that 15dans were supposed to be gentlemen inside and outside of the dojo. Also during one of the meals that we had, he encouriaged us to flow around the world and achieve an economic foundation that would allow us to live well, because this would also permit the Bujinkan Schools so stay alive.

Soke always shows an extraordinary behaviour as a teacher, inside and outside of the Dojo, and it’s striking how his life flows naturally as a true human being, with the correct justice on the right path. Correct Justice and Right Path are also expressed as “Hinko Hosei”.

However, while he is a true master, there are many who want to be copies of the master. We understand that everything that is a copy ceases to be original and true. In Japan there is a saying: “Don’t follow the steps of the masters, but follow what they where after”. I would recommend many to try to be a copy first, just to abandon their bad habits and then cultivate their own path.
To follow the precepts of a great human being is fundamental, and in this case the guidance of participation of Bujinkan, from Masaaki Hatsumi, reminds us that connection with Hinko Hosei.

“The secret principle of Taijutsu is to recognize the origins of peace. To study is the way of the inmutable heart (fudoshin)”

Dojo Code:

1) Know that patience is primordial.
2) Know that the way of man procedes from justice.
3) Resign greed, indolence and obstination.
4) Recognize sadness and consern as something natural, and observe the inmutable heart.
5) Follow the path of loyalty and fraternal love, and go deep in the heart of Budo.

Soke lives a simple life, though loaded of wonderful and various activities. One can see him arrive at the Dojo with his mimi golden sandals and change in front of everyone. It’s also common to greet the newly comers and thank for their letters, faxes or phonecalls. A smiley spirit in every moment envolves his atmosphere and spreads to everyone around his space. Soke maintains the spirit of chivalry within his acts, and with a high rank of patience keeps on after all these years, showing the path to devotees and fools as equal.

He has a high level of tolerance on the impermanence of his students, though keeps on going with an inmutable heart, the sharing of his life and inheritance. Provides his inheritance and the magnitude of his wizdom to those who come to the Honbu Dojo, and as the same time indirectly to thousand students all around the globe.

I observe Soke’s patience a lot, and try to really reach a high mastership in Nin.

Maintain respect and patience when you’re alright and with people who care is easy, being the chivalry attitude in a life line with exemplary conducts. But it’s a difficult task, when the situations are complex and people around you are indeed hostile.

To achieve the Fudo Shin (Inmutable heart) and to make a body invisible so it won’t affect the ego, is a wonderful opportunity to experience the substantiality of the soul. I feel that this is to follow the path of loyalty and fraternal love, and go deep in the heart of Budo.
I celebrate today, as yesterday and tomorrow, the blessing that it is that we can find examples of life as Soke.

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